Shafi Rabi Foundation


A quality education gives every child the potential to change their world.


Basic education is critical to individual and economic development, as well as political stability. It also contributes to improved health, human rights and gender equity.


We believe that ensuring a quality basic education is the best hope for long term sustainable development. With access to quality education, children become lifelong learners, transform their communities, protect themselves from violence and experience life in all of its fullness.


We work with communities to address the barriers to a quality education for children in Jubaland. We focus on education for the most vulnerable and work to improve quality and support for parents as well as community and school based structures.


Earning a quality post-secondary education is the surest pathway to opportunities and economic mobility among graduates. Young people with post-secondary education qualifications earn more income over their lifetime than those without.


A college or university education is also a key component of self-determination and can help graduates positively shape their circumstances. We work to help increase college and university access and success, thus contributing to the advancement of economic mobility and the strengthening of community resilience.


We offer scholarships and mentorships programs to bright and needy students, who are identified and selected on the basis of merit.